Sweet as sugar

Quiz Answer: They all have sugar!

According to Chinese Medicine the sweet taste is associated with the Earth element in all of us and it is paired with the spleen energy (not the organ) responsible for the action of transporting and transforming the energy in our bodies.

There is tremendous power in sugar. It is a primary source of nutrition, so you can see how easily we learn to reach for it when we want an immediate boost of energy, and also how easily we can attach our emotions to it. If we reach for candy bars in mid-mornings and afternoons at work, we get an immediate response and we quickly turn it into a habit.

At night, if we are home exhausted, trying to relax the body and the mind, what better way to complete this self-nurturing if not a box of Oreos, Chips-a-hoy, a pint of ice cream... (you bought the 0 transfats, so it’s not sooo bad.... you think).

Before you know it the package is gone. The cycle get repeated and your rational mind begins to send you messages of guilt, so if your will power is strong enough then you may actually deny your self totally (“I’m on a diet, I can’t have it in the house....”).

If you have children you know how much they become exposed to sugar - just watch any kid’s TV show and look at the commercials. The cereals, the snacks (fruity snacks, they must be healthy...) the juices.....Children are being completely manipulated by the advertising industry.

In the school environment and any party or celebration, sugar is omnipresent (Halloween being the culmination of excess - in my neighborhood kids walked around with literally pounds of candy in their bags).

In children, the effects of sugar are detrimental to their development, a situation that is compounded by the fact that the food industry uses chemicals and food dyes that are
dangerous to their nervous system as it is being formed and developed. It is highly correlated to the incidence of Attention Deficit Disorders (hyperactivity or not).

For the past 20 years I have worked with children that have these deficits and in neither the health care nor education system is information being provided on the relationship of diet and disorder. (why are we so willing to accept that children just develop ADHD or ADD so easily in our culture?) The rise of type II diabetes acquired in childhood is reaching epidemic numbers in our society.

I am not making these statements to be alarmist but rather to emphasize the significance and seriousness of this situation. If this is resonating with you, and you want to learn how to eat in a smart, healthy way without denying yourself don’t struggle with this by yourself
contact me and I can facilitate your transformation into a balanced healthy life style.

My mission is to educate and support you as a parent because, I understand the difficulties that you encounter in dealing with the infusion of these chemicals and altered sugar substances in your child’s diet. Again, when offering a slice of whole wheat bread are you thinking of giving your child a sugary snack?

The American food processing industry generates approximately one trillion dollars a year, so the level of financial, political and cultural power is enormous for the likes of Nabisco, Coca-cola, Tyson Foods, Kraft, PepsiCo, Nestle, General Mills, Hershey, Horizon Organic, Heinz. If these conglomerates of the food industry dominate your food cupboard and your refrigerator then we need to talk. You are feeding your body chemicals rather then nutrients.